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Raindeer herding

About Arctic Urbi

Arctic Urbi works, among other things, with further processing of Sámi food tradition. Our specialty is within reindeer- and rangeland industry. We are based in Kautokeino and Alta.

We are basically nomads offering more knowledge within Sámi traditions as well as Sámi traditional knowledge, this primarily what regards to Northern Sápmi.

In addition to the fact that you can visit us for two different experiences, at two different times of the year, we also travel around Norway and the world in general.  Where you might want us to talk and learn about different food traditions, others might be interested learning more about reindeer husbandry as a livelihood and lifestyle. Such a scheme is set up together with our clients, and we encourage you to contact us for a non-binding conversation.

For schools and language centers, we have our own programs that are set up according to curricula. Learn more under section: “We’re offering»

We also process both food and drinks. Among many other, we have products of reindeer meat, fish and berries, herbs and what naturally falls into the category of beneficial growth.

For reindeer meat, we have, among many other solutions, reindeer hearts and snack and willow smoked reindeer meat. We have followed the processing steps, as we have learned from our ancestors, and used juniper to add flavor and willow to smoke the meat. In recent times, research has been carried out into various production methods for smoking meat. Here, research has shown that if you smoke meat with only juniper, for example, this can be carcinogenic, as various particles from the smoke from juniper get stuck in the meat. The fact that our ancestors have, in addition to just flavoring juniper, used willow to clean the meat from these substances is in itself unique. The production method is unique in our company, and we are proud to present this product, as the only one in the market.

Fish and other seasonal products are only available when season.

We have herbal drinks in our range, produced from a careful selection of products from Finnmarksvidda. The drink can be enjoyed both as a supplement to tea water, without the addition of water, or as juice.

Other things you can find with us are berries, syrup, spices and cheese produced only from organic products from the local area.

When ordering send request to:

Events we participate in can be found updated on our social media.

Man looking out over Kautokeino river
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