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Raindeer herding

Summer season

We are nomads, and as our reindeer are spread around the various land of the arctic north, we start preparing for the winter. We harvest, we produce, we make.

A visit to our camp will give you a speed visit to another kind of lifestyle. Perhaps take you to a different world. In July, Only JULY we bring you over the mountain of death, where the weather and wind can turn from a warm summer day with sunshine to full winter in a short time. The trip ends with a unique experience trip with reindeer calves and food service. Limited places.

This tour is only possible to complete 4 5 days a year.

This trip is suitet for everybody from the age of 6. Personal belongings like medicine etc must be brought along. Other requirements for special trips in July.

The Great Arctic North
During the summer we start preparing for winter - come along and visit our camp in Peska.

Did you know?


Visste du at reinsdyr spiser geviret sitt for å øke styrken. Det er fortsatt usikkerhet på om menn også gjorde det.

Practical info




Camp visit 2-3 hours
July trip up to 5 hours +/-

Age limit

6 years old

Number of registrants

Exclusive July trip

Minimum registrants: 2

Maximum registrants: 12

Camp in Peska

Minimum registrants: 2

Maximum registrants: 25

Did you show?

Reindeer eat their antlers to increase their strength. The question remains whether men did it too.

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