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Raindeer herding

Spring season

During spring , from April to May, you can join us exclusivly to take part of a day in our life as reindeer herders. This part of the year we start migration, enjoy life watching reindeer give birth to calfs, protect them from pretators. We icefish and enjoy our life as nomads.

You can either join us for a day from Alta and up to the heard, or over few days as we migrate. For migration there are requirements.

We cannot promise that you will experience the finest weather or taste a certain type of menu. You will not find a similar day or a similar menu, and therefore you will not become a passive guest. You will be surprised, that we can guarantee. You will know the appreciation we have for what nature provides, its value, love and respect. We envision you leaving us as ambassadors for what Finnmark can be, both in terms of taste and experiences.

We are established in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino and Alta. With us you get to meet nature in a unique way, taste what it has to offer and take part in the most unique journeys.

The Great Arctic North
Life as a nomad in spring from April to May. Destinaton to Sápmi in Alta and Beaskáđas.

Did you know?


Visste du at reinsdyr spiser geviret sitt for å øke styrken. Det er fortsatt usikkerhet på om menn også gjorde det.

Practical info


April to May


3 hours (time from you
arrive to start point) Migration is 3
days pr group. 

Age limit


Number of registrants


Maximum number of participants: 4


Minimum number of participants: 2

Maximum number of participants: 6

Did you show?

Reindeer meat is the healthiest meat in the world. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it also contains omega 6.

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