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Raindeer herding

Fall season

In September you can experience a trip to the reindeer enclosure. This experience simply shows you how the food is made. On this experience, you are not a guest, but a participant on an equal footing with the rest of the family. The trip ends in the lavvo with food service.

Limited places. This tour is only possible to complete 3 days a year. We usually don`t have our camp in Peska this time of the year, because as nomads we move on towards Guovdageaidnu . Migrations soon starts.

The trip is suitable for the curious and eager to learn who like to see, feel and learn as well as taste, while on a trip.

Your trip will include tour in nature with communicator, equipment you otherwise need, storytelling, experiments, food and drink. For our exclusive guests we take you along with a safari to visit the death camp.

The tour requires you to arrive on site by either car or bus. About 20-30 min drive from Alta. When you book the trip, you will receive accurate address.

The Great Arctic North
Fall is the time of harvest in Sápmi, and the reindeer meat starts to taste its best.

Did you know?


Good to know: Rose bay can be used as flour.

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