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We operate according to the seasons and offer unique experiences where you, as a visitor, get to experience a bit of everything. What we serve in the Arctic north and Finnmark plateau is not determined by us but by the nature around us.

From November to March, you can expect a tailored experience with unique elements, such as the Northern Lights, reindeer, ice bathing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, and of course, an exclusive taste from the plateau.

In May, our lives consist of lazy days on the ice with ice fishing, while we wait for the first reindeer calves to be born. Life on the plateau also offers a completely unique culinary experience. During this period, there is an opportunity for accommodation.

From June to August, you can participate in a guided tour in nature, going back in time to see how nature has been used as both a pantry and a pharmacy. We serve good food, and there are opportunities for accommodation.

In July, we take you over the mountain pass, where weather and wind can turn from a warm summer day with sunshine to full winter in a short time. The trip concludes with a unique experience tour with reindeer calves and food service. Limited spaces are available. This tour can only be carried out 4-5 days a year.

In September, you can experience a trip to the reindeer fence. This experience simply shows you how food is made. In this experience, you are not a guest but a participant on equal terms with the rest of the family. The trip ends in the lavvu with food service. Limited spaces are available. This tour can only be carried out 3 days a year.

Feel free to send us an inquiry about price and availability. The unique tours in July and September fill up quickly.

Arctic urbi at any season

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